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Welcome To Sparrows Tattoo Company

Largest tattoo shop in Mansfield since 2013

Founded By Clint Cummings


Walk-ins are welcome for piercings, tattoos, and consultations; however, larger tattoos may require an appointment.

A walk-in tattoo typically refers to a design the size of a palm, taking one to one and a half hours to complete. If your desired tattoo is larger than this, it is recommended to
consult with the artist, who may still be able to accommodate you!

For those looking to book a session with one of our artists, a deposit is necessary, which will be subtracted from the total tattoo cost. You can either book a consultation online with a specific artist or visit the shop for personalized assistance.

Your vision meets our art

With over 15 years of experience as a Texas tattooing service, we have a reputation for making our clients feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. All of our Artists have over 6-20 years in the tattoo industry. You can easily communicate with our artists about your vision for your tattoo. They’ve been doing this long enough to know how to navigate these conversations and find the best outcome for you and your body.

Even without references or a pre-existing idea, you’ll still be in good hands. Our Artists can help come up with designs for you and alongside you. You’re not alone in this exciting process of receiving Texas Body Art

I can’t begin to say enough good things about Bryan at Sparrows… In addition to this beautiful tattoo, he’s also done several piercings for me. Again, the cleanliness & attention to detail is top notch. As a whole, Sparrows has a nice ambiance & the remaining staff are super friendly & helpful when needed.


Nice people, very professional. Pete is very nice and did an amazing job. The atmosphere is very welcoming, I would recommend him. He is not so aggressive when tattooing at all. He has a great personality! Thanks Pete.


Me and my husband both went to Randall for spontaneous tattoos and he did amazing! I will be going back here in a couple weeks!


Piercing and Tattoo Info

$100 shop minimum | Cash only for tattoos & piercings ATM available

A valid, government-issued ID card is required for both tattoos and piercings. In Texas, a person must be a minimum of 18 years of age for tattoos.


PIERCINGS FOR MINORS (age 11 years and older)

Parent or legal guardian MUST present a valid government issued ID, minors birth certificate or legal guardianship order signed by a judge, and a valid form of photo ID for minor.

Woman with piercings under her lips, a septum piercing in her nose, and gauged ear lobe piercings.


We do require you bring a valid photo ID.
If you are a minor; you need BOTH a photo ID and your birth certificate or legal guardianship court order. Parent/Guardian must be present and also have valid photo ID.

List of valid photo ID forms include:

  • Permit
  • Driver’s License
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • (Minors Only) School ID


Whether it’s coin size, or a full sleeve, it’s best to speak to an artist directly. They love being a part of the process, and want to help you create the exact piece your looking for.  Sometimes, it can be hard to determine who’s tattooing style fits with the piece you have in mind; we can help point you in the right direction! From realism, to old-school, to mini tattoos, we have an artist for you! Walk-in spots are sometimes available; give us a call, or shoot us an email at to check in on availability for walk-ins and consults. You can also contact all artists directly through their profile.

Front of Sparrows Tattoo Company including the sign and front door.

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