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We’ve got the artist for your style. We do tattoos and body piercings that help you feel at ease and comfortable in our chair.

Man with gauged ear rings in his ear and dermal studs in his cheek.


For piercings, the process is simple. Come on in, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll walk you through the session. We make it as painless as possible, we’ve got your back the whole way through. We’ll be there from beginning to end, answering any questions you have regarding aftercare as well.

Don’t know what piercing you want? The fun begins here. Give us a call or just walk into our shop and we’ll help you find the best piercing for you.


When you’re looking for the right tattoo, we know there are a lot of options out there. That’s why we’re pretty well versed in different styles of tattoo art including minimalism, new school, line work, traditional American, surrealism, and more. 

Bring in a reference or simply give us your idea and we’ll come up with something that you love. If you’re unsure or want to work with an artist, we can create a design for you. Talk with us to figure out what you really want and where you want to put it. We love to customize so give us a call or book an appointment.

Realistic butterfly tattoo on the back of a woman's shoulder.

Your Home Tattoo Shop

The studio has grown day by day thanks to the community, the team, and the ever-growing clientele that support our shop. Our strong presence in Texas keeps us going and evolving creatively.

We aim to keep growing to new creative heights and serving our customers the best we can, making Sparrows a unique and beloved place. Every stage of the tattoo process is vital for us, from designing and laying down the ink to aftercare.

Keep an eye on Sparrows to see what we’re drawing up next.

Thanks for continuing to support your local tattoo and piercing shop in Texas.

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